Yasmin IdrissiEdit

Yasmin Idrissi is said to be a girl in Redakai Conquer the Kairu, who nobody can see. People say she is responsible for all the glitches that happen in the TV series, and people say if you look really closely at the glitches you can see her name, but you can't see it in pictures, only if you watch the video at its normal speed.

She is treated as a Redakai rumour, and there is not a single picture of what she looks like. This is very spooky, and they say she is angry because marathon media and spin master (the people who made Redakai) put her in the TV series in the begining, but decided she would be very unpopular so they removed her. She has been paying to them her revenge by putting glitches in the TV series. Nobody really knows if she exists or not.