Redekai started in year 2011.The first X-Drive was made by Boaddai,The master of Ky ,Maya and Boomer.The first X-Drive was named Reflected Glory.The first X-Reader was made by Atar,Who holds a precious X-Reader.The first X-Reader was named Metanoid.The only warrior that has Metanoid is Ky.

Lokar the evil wizard has his own gang of Kairu warriors.He has a gauntlet that he called "The Guantlet of Lokar.Lokar created a X-Drive called "Lokar's Shadow".That he gave to Zane,the leader of Team Radikor.Lokar tolded Zane to use it on Maya,the only female in Team Stax.Lokar has three gangs of Kairu warriors .The first team is named Team Badicor .The second team is named Team Radikor.The third team is named Team Impiriaz.

Zane is the only one that ran away from Boaddai, then went to Lokar. Games and chats

The Redekai