Monster Cards are one of the different types of cards in the Redakai Trading Card Game. They include the following information:

  • Cost - This is the amount of Kairu you must spend to play this Monster in the Advanced Game.
  • Monster Name - What the monster is called.
  • Monster Version - Tells Monsters and Characters apart from those with the same name, for example: "Metanoid - Plasma Machne" and "Metanoid - Gold Machine".
  • Damage Zones - On most Monster cards, these are clear. Sometimes, the Monster will have a yellow Damage Zone, which indicates that the Character has been healed in that zone, and your opponent will have to damage it again to Defeat that Character.
  • Defense Zones - These are either clear or have a Defense Value and Color. If a Monster has a Defense Value, it covers up the Defense Value below it in that Zone.
  • Monster Ability - Tells what special Abilities the Monster has, if any, in the Advanced Game. Abilities are active unless they are made blank by another Card, or the Character is defeated.